Nicole Kidman-starrer remake 'The Others' in the works

The horror classic 'The Others', starring Nicole Kidman , is getting a new modern version just in time for the original film's 20th anniversary. A Entertainment House has won the remake rights to the 2001 hit, a media source reported.

The Spanish gothic supernatural psychological horror film in English was written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar and earned USD 200 million worldwide upon its release.

The film followed Kidman as a war widow who hides her children in an isolated mansion due to a rare disease characterized by photosensitivity. The arrival of three mysterious servants uncovers the terrifying secrets of the house.

The part garnered Kidman nominations at the Golden Globe Awards, with Amenabar winning Goya's trophies for best director and screenplay.

The new version will be produced by Renee Tab and Christopher Tuffin , as much as Lucas Akoskin .

Veteran Spanish producer Cerezo of Fame for 'Lucky Star' will be executive producing alongside Guido Rud of FilmSharks and Michael and Michael of Miller Way. Jeeny Miller .