5 new words that coronavirus has taught the world

He is forcing us not only to question our habits, but also to find new words to make sense of our world. A look at five of them.


The five friends still collide. His idea of ​​a is to have his gang for a. At the grocery store, he rubs elbows and breathes on other shoppers. He also racked up six-month rations. He is an idiot, a 'covidiot'.


An old word of a sweet, simpler time , but very apt to describe the feelings of fear and anxiety that the new coronavirus is giving us. We are all getting the 'heebie-jeebies' now.


You started blocking programs for binge watching, but now you can't take another episode. Instead, you have an overwhelming need to write all day. You feel 'scripturient'.


Walking is your drug. Miles to go before sleeping is your life statement. You want to get away at night to beat the curfew. It won't hurt anyone if it wanders alone. Stay lonely.


Stress can make you gain weight. The Germans call it 'kummerspeck', from kummer (worry) + (). Now that everyone is stressed by the crown, whatever weight you put on it during the running of the bulls is 'crownspeck'.

Compiled by Abhilash Gaur