Director Maruthi clarifies the script for his next film

It is a known fact that director maruthi It has improved the game when it comes to making movies. Shailaja director Reddy Alludu has recently cleared up the rumors surrounding his upcoming movie.

Reports were making the rounds that Maruthi has completed the script for his next movie, and is planning to mess with a A-list actor for the movie However, he rejected all speculation and said that the movie was still in its script stage And no one has been contacted for the lead role in his movie. It also urges people to stay safe.

He reached out to Twitter and wrote, `` I saw some articles about my next movie in a media section, thanks for the interest, but I'm still writing a script and it will take some time to finish, I'll let you know once this is done, this It is the ONLY news I have, everything is wrong :) Thank you friends of the media #Staysafe ''.

The multi-talented filmmaker has entertained audiences with his films over the years. He is one of the most successful directors today who has never studied. cinema . He started his career as an animator, working on animations for various tasks, and then became a co-producer of Aravind's Premisthe and A Film. The first feature film, Ee Rojullo, written and directed by Maruthi, came out in 2012 and became one of the most successful films of the year. As we all know, his later films like Prema Katha Chitram, Bus Stop, Kotha Janta, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Mahanubhavudua and Prati Roju Pandage They were very successful and brought many compliments to the director.