This is how actress Swetha Changappa keeps her son busy during the confinement

New Mommy Swetha Changappa You are being very optimistic when it comes to caring for your child especially during the closing period. The actress is doing her best to keep him busy throughout the day and finds different ways to entertain him.

Furthermore, she is also a social media enthusiast. Swetha He frequently shares videos and photos to keep fans updated.

In her latest post shared on her Instagram ID, the actress relayed her thoughts and wrote: My son will complete his seventh month tome ... At this stage, kids would love to explore a lot of things. They would love to go out and see new things and they smile, laugh and laugh ... Due to this period of confinement, we cannot leave our home with the baby. Completely arrested at home. You feel sad for him but you can't help ...

. Then we take him to the terrace, to observe those clouds and birds and enjoy those moments ... and also keep him busy during the day in one or another activity ... n. It is difficult but that is the only way out now ...

I am sure that many new mothers face the same problems.


It's okay. We can do it


Safety is important now.


Stay home, stay safe guys


Let's fight Covid 19

For the uninitiated, Shwetha and Kiran became the proud parents of a baby last year (2019). The actress has been very particular about her personal life and began to keep a low profile shortly after becoming pregnant.