Matt LeBlanc reveals something 'weird' that happened to him while starring in 'Friends'

Actor Matt LeBlanc related one of the 'strangers stuff 'That happened to him while starring in the hit comedy' Friends. '

According to the news, on the prerecorded visit to 'The Kelly Clarkson Show The 52-year-old actor revealed that he found some strange invasions of privacy.

He said: It was during the week, it was during the afternoon, I was watching the channels and I was watching the news. For some reason, they had a split screen on television, six [sections] ... Each one was a live shot of each of our houses, like a helicopter shot.

However, LeBlanc shared that there was a silver lining to seeing his home from afar.

The 'Love Sick' actor said he paused and watched for a moment, even though there really is no information, no news, before noticing something.

LeBlanc revealed: I remember looking closely at my house and thinking: I need a new roof. Then the helicopter flies away, I pull out the ladder and go up there.

Matt also discussed how 'Friends' has managed to maintain its popularity since its completion in 2004.

LeBlanc recalled, "It's funny now, it felt really huge [at the time] but the way stuff are now with social media and transmission and your ability to watch something excessively, they had VCRs back then ... No one could figure out how to record a show. But now, it feels, in some way, as relevant now as it was back then.

The actor also shared that seeing himself on 'Friends' was fun because all the stars have aged.

He's on television and you think God, look, so young, he said, and admitted that he no longer looked like him back then.