Bigg Boss 13's Shehnaz Gill is in her Mumbai home and is not stuck in any hotels, contrary to reports

Bigg Boss 13's Shehnaz Gill She recently appeared on the news as certain reports suggest the actress is trapped in the Mumbai hotel with her brother. However, a source close to Punjab ki Katrina Kaif has revealed that the actress is safe and is staying at her home in Andheri, Mumbai.

A source close to the actress revealed to us that Shehnaz is not stranded in any hotel with her brother; are at home in Mumbai and follow the emergency shutdown .

Recently, an entertainment portal reported that the 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' and 'Bigg Boss 13' finalist stayed back in Mumbai because she was in talks for new projects. She could not take the flight on time to reach her hometown and is now forced to live in a hotel due to the emergency shutdown .

But our source has denied these reports.

Coming to Shehnaz Gill, the actress was recently seen in a music video Bhula Dunga with her BB 13 BFF Sidharth Shukla. The song was loved by the millions and they even enjoyed their company.

While speaking to us earlier about her bond with Sidharth, Shehnaz had said: At first I felt bad and hurt myself, but I understand that I don't want to lose him at all costs. I love him very much, but he considers me a very close friend. I will always love him and he is a special person to me. And I feel that it is good because in today's time relationships do not last long and have a short life. less if I'm going to be your friend for life.

The actress had also revealed what she likes about Sidharth and why she is so fond of him: I love everything. Siddharth Shukla . His attitude is very different and distinguishes him from the rest of the children. He is very protective and cares about the people he loves. He is not one of those who runs after the girls, he takes time to connect with people, but when he unites with them, he unites on an emotional and mental level. She is a very logical person and guides you in life, if she really cares about you. He won't let anything bad happen to you, if you're his friend. He is not very expressive, but the people close to him understand his feelings. I can go on and on about it (laughs). Every girl dreams of having a boy who understands her and makes her laugh, and Sidharth Shukla is exactly like that, Shehnaz stated.