After battling cancer, Nafisa Ali diagnosed her with leukoderma; says 'you win a little and lose a little'

Bollywood actress Nafisa Ali has revealed that he has been diagnosed leukoderma , after she noticed white spots on her skin a few months ago while on chemotherapy. Nafisa is a cancer survivor. Nafisa is currently in Goa and has been affected by the current blockade amid coronavirus pandemic .

Nafisa updated everyone through a long post. She wrote, “Ever since my chemotherapy I started noticing white patches on my neck area ... now being by the sea and getting a tan ,I can tell it’s on my face too . Such is life ... you win some and loose some .I have been diagnosed with Leucoderma ... What is it? Quite similar to the skin condition “Vitiligo” – leukoderma is a skin disorder in which patches of skin tend to lose its natural color.”

His publication also read: Leucoderma is considered as skin pigmentation that is marked by the location or complete destruction of melanocytes in the body. The characteristic formation of white patches on the skin remains closely linked to each other unlike the patches formed in Vitiligo. Leucoderma is particularly known for the presence of white spots that could be localized to smaller areas at first. However, over time, the patches on the skin may enlarge. Stay blessed and happy.

Nafisa was diagnosed with stage 3 peritoneal and ovarian cancer in November 2018. She was declared cancer-free in 2019.