Exclusive: Nammane Yuvarani will air new episodes until April 10

The entire nation is under blockade, outbreaks of the television industry have also stopped since March 19 until the situation is alleviated. While some shows air from the beginning, some still have an episode episode, which will likely continue the current storyline for a few days.

One of those daily shows on Kannada television is' Nammane Yuvarani '. The show, which is one of the most beloved daily soaps in Kannada, has a list of upcoming episodes that can air until April 10; revealed a nearby source.

Adding to it, the source also mentioned, Assuming that shoots would resume soon, we had planned accordingly and shot continuously for Nammane Yuvarani. So, there is a banking of episodes till April 10th.

However, considering the present situation, the source also stated, We are not sure what the channel has planned for our timeslot. They might re-telecast Nammane Yuvarani from the first episode or rerun any old show. It; s left up to their choice. summed up the person who is associated with the project.