3.5 lakh trucks carrying 35,000 rupees worth of goods stranded on roads

NEW DELHI: An estimated 3.5 lakhs of interstate trucks carrying goods worth more than Rs 35,000 crore are stranded on roads, outside factories and scrap yards, according to carriers .

Products range from automobiles and SUVs to two-wheelers and appliances such as air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, electrical items, and industrial raw materials such as chemicals, steel, and cement.

Truckers and carriers TOI spoke to said the goods are at risk of damage and even pilferage as drivers and helpers have run away in many cases due to the absence of food, money or proper sanitation. Also, in most of the cases, there are no helpers and other support staff to unload the stocks once they have reached their destination, be it factories or dealerships and godowns.

“It is a painful situation for truckers and the assets worth billions of rupees are literally on the roads. Something must be done immediately to help us, Kultaran Singh Atwal, President of All-India Motor Transport corporation said.

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Truckers seek government rescue package

AIMTC is the largest trucking association in the country and claims that its members control nearly 1 million small, large, and specialized trucks. Atwal said that while trucks carrying essential products like food, medicine and sanitation products are allowed, the government must also ensure the movement of other goods to designated destinations so that the system can unclog and transport the products.

“We still face curbs. They must help lift restrictions so trucks can move. It is an unfortunate position with many trucks stranded at state borders or other checkpoints. Many trucks are idle in parking lots or other places.

Many truckers are also complaining that drivers and helpers are being left alone. “In many places, there is no clean food, medicine or even clean toilets. Also, disinfectants and masks are not there, and this has led many truckers to abandon vehicles and return home. ”

Vipul Nanda, presidente de la asociación de carriers de automóviles, dijo que cerca de 1,500 grandes camiones contenedores personalizados, que transportan alrededor de 10,000 automóviles y SUV de varias marcas, también están varados en las carreteras, o fuera de fábricas y bajadas.

A large transport truck has the capacity to carry around seven vehicles, and these generally intersect across the length and breadth of the country. Most of these trips originate from car manufacturing centers, such as the Gurgaon-Manesar belt, the Pune region, the Gujarat car cluster, or the area around Chennai.

“Please remember that’s this is an asset-heavy industry, and thus there are heavy debts too that carriers carry. If business remains paralysed, there are high chances of many carriers getting bankrupt,” Nanda said

Pradeep Singal, President of All-India Transporters' Wellness association He said there are cases when the movement of many trucks has been restricted even when the government has allowed them to pass. In many cases, the message has not yet reached the ground.

Truckers seek broad government support as a rescue package. Please give a EMI rule out at least six months for us, and also extend our national movement permits for the same period. There should be a half-year relief on the legal road tax payment and the property tax payments.