Jamming in Corona's time

Akshata Agrawal, a Pune IT professional and music enthusiast, stumbled upon a post by his favorite group, Raasta, saying his jamming session is scheduled for the same night. But it was going to happen online instead of on the streets. He went online and participated in the session that night. Now the online jam session is on your daily to-do list. Akshata shares: “Music is something that can connect everyone. They sang as many new and old songs for over an hour. My family and I really enjoyed the session. The hour passed very quickly.nThe group starts up every night and several people join them. Playback singer Mugdha Karhade, who had joined them in their initial sessions, says: “When I saw them live, I couldn't resist joining. I knew about them and wanted to join the street jam session, but due to my commitments I was unable to do so. That day, I saw the interference online and decided to join. Despite the crash, it's a good thing that they continue to get stuck on any available platform and attract people. That day, the theme was Lifeguards, where they urged people to perform songs to increase the motivation of people who work hard for the country, including doctors, police and others.

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Group members take turns going to live and asking others to join. There is a rule. If you come live, at least sing two lines or play a musical instrument, share Vinit Deshpande, a member of Raasta.

In the early days, they had specific themes like Lifeguards, Family Quarantine Experience, Songs for Happiness. Speaking of which, Sanket Dhotkar, sound engineer and chief member of Raasta, says: In the second topic, people shared how the family quarantine period is changing their equations with family members and improving relationships. They also sang a couple of lines dedicated to family members. It was a pleasant experience where they expressed their hearts. N People get involved in the jamming session and share many interesting things with the audience. Once, Yash Gokhale, who joined the live session, sang and performed a small piece with a whistle. While Sanket and I got into Jugalbandi, a person from Nagpur also recited poems he wrote. We receive many requests and act accordingly. Mainly, we receive requests for a presentation with all group members, which cannot be done due to the platform's limitations and social distancing, Vinit adds. Another technical problem they face is timing due to internet connectivity. But according to them, the public understands.nThe National Award-winning singer Mahesh Kale, who is currently in the United States, had the opportunity to not only connect with his fans and answer their questions, but also perform live with them. via Smrutigandha's FB page. When the session ended singing Vitthal Vitthal, he was joined by several makeshift music enthusiasts from their respective residences. “I got quite a few messages and videos from people where they said they were singing the song with me. Some even played instruments at the time. I feel like being able to connect with thousands of music lovers from different places at the same time is a beautiful gift that technology has given us, he says, adding: If my music touches people and makes them happy, I would like them to be part of their lives in these difficult times.


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