Total blockade due to Covid-19 weakens India: Rajiv Bajaj

NEW DELHI :, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto He has lashed out at the central government for imposing a national blockade that he says will only weaken India.

In an article in a national newspaper, Bajaj has strongly criticized the closure ordered by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for three weeks to control the COVID-19 epidemic.

Baja has concluded that the block is arbitrary and needs a recalibration. He also said that we have to sell ourselves.

Bajaj wrote that so far, the industry has received little support from the government. However, I am less concerned about that in my opinion, the priority is the recalibration of this arbitrary blockade. Because, I firmly believe that we are not going to save ourselves from this crisis, we have to sell ourselves from, he added.

One of the country's main industrialists, Bajaj compared the blockade to other countries, saying it is only weakening India.

As far as I know, virtually no country has imposed such a radical blockade as India; I still believe that this makes India weaker than strong in the fight against the epidemic, Bajaj said.

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I don't believe the condescending argument that all Indians are a bunch of illiterate, ignorant, undisciplined jerks who need grazing like cattle, he added, except for the radical blockade approach.

He believes that the focus cannot be sustained. The current approach is obviously totally unsustainable in the future; Occasionally, when a virus returns, should we fear that the blockage will also return? he asked.

By offering an alternative solution, Bajaj has argued that young people should have been allowed to do their job to keep the economy moving.

We should have kept only the vulnerable at home, closed all public spaces, and allowed the young and healthy to continue turning the wheels of the economy, with due precautions regarding hygiene, masks, distancing, etc. ., Bajaj wrote.

Advocating the use of homeopathy and ayurveda, Bajaj has said that these affordable and scalable solutions should not have been banned, as India is a center of excellence in these currents.

I am appalled that despite having a full Ayush ministry and being the world center of excellence in homeopathy, India has banned homeopaths and naturopaths from offering affordable and scalable solutions, especially since homeopathy is universally recognized as having no side effects negatives. , he said.

Bajaj Auto has assured dealers, suppliers and employees, including all contract employees, that it will not allow this extreme lockdown to impact them till April 14.

However, I am afraid we cannot guarantee that this will continue to be the case thereafter, Bajaj wrote.