Justin Bieber's image of Beverly Hills mansion goes viral online as it reminds MCU fans of the Avengers headquarters

Popular pop feeling Justin Bieber , who recently caught everyone's attention when he went out for a long walk in self-isolation with his wife Hailey Baldwin , has once again become the topic of conversation on social networks.

A photo of you Beverly The Hills mansion has gone viral on the internet and Wonderful Cinematic Universe fans have been talking about it as it looks more like Avengers headquarters See what netizens have been saying on social media here:

Meanwhile, Hailey and Justin have spent most of their time indoors making music videos and showing off their dance moves. In a recent live chat, Hailey had said that the pandemic It has not only allowed her to spend more time with her man, but also to appreciate the little things in life.

The popular couple has even contributed to various charities in the time of crises to help the needy. Not only that but they have also been raising awareness about the pandemic on their respective social media as well.