#LockdownEffect: a reduced Vishu

In the middle of the, there will also be less regular family gatherings, temple visits, or the hansel (kaineettam) of the elders to the children.

The Kochi-based businesswoman, who generally celebrates Vishu with her uncles, aunts, and cousins ​​on her husband's side, says, “My two sons, ages 11 and 10, are already asking if they won't be able to get a kaineettam for everyone. elderly and not knowing cousins. She says that even those who settled in other states will gather at her husband's family home in Vytilla for the occasion. “We go to the temple, have lunch and play games or catch up. There will definitely be something lacking in this Vishu, but we are preparing to put together a kani with whatever is available and this time we have started preparing for a small-scale sadhya in our department, ”she says.