Blocking is helping more and people accept their gray hair

Hollywood celebrities like Kevin Hart, Tamera Mowry Housley, Kelly Ripa, and more flocked to Instagram to talk about turning gray, their roots, and their current hair situations. Actor/comedian Kevin Hart, in his video, says: I have never been working for so long, so I have never had a chance to let it grow like this. I'm rolling - gray hair on my beard, gray hair on top, on my side ... Rolling forward, distinguished gentleman here, man. Hug her. Don't run away from her, hug her! Echoing the same feeling, actress Tamera also took control of social media, where she posted a photo of her grays poking out of her braids and captioned it as: Hello, grays, I didn't comb my hair during #socialdistancing, and I'm According to that .n An Instagram profile that is specially dedicated to women of various age groups who share their gray stories, is now awash with stories about how this blockage has made these women feel comfortable with their gray hair. Rene Hall, who was ready for her next root touch-up appointment, until the pandemic was announced and was unable to go. In his post, he says: For some time I was hoping to get a chance to clean myself up to send me a beautiful selfie. But before I had a chance, the world made other plans for me. I realized how comforting it was. The transition to gray has made me feel during these crazy times. In moments of worry and fear, I touch my gray and it reminds me to trust my experience. This will also happen and I will have a more beautiful gray to demonstrate it.

Swananda Pathak, a city-based homemaker who relied on hair dye for over 15 years, has finally realized that she looks much better with gray hair. I never let my gray hair grow, and now in this situation with no options available, I had to let it grow and now I like it this way, gray hair has its own charm and the best part is all this when I used to dye my hair, it It was more about the fact that I didn't want to see my age, but now that I look at my gray roots covered in greenery, I look at my age and I like that. Swananda explains