Happy birthday Gaurav Paswala: lesser-known facts about the star's journey

Dhollywood actor Gaurav Paswala is one of the multi-talented personalities in the Gujarati film industry. Today the actor rings his 29th birthday and Gaurav's social media accounts are flooded with many wishes and blessings from his fans and friends from the film fraternity. On the actor 's special day, we take a look at some interesting facts about Gaurav's life.

Appearances in various film industries.

Gaurav started his acting career in theater with the play titled 'Baap Re Baap' for which he was paid a remuneration of Rs 200. That was his first earning in the acting/entertainment field. Later, I debuted on television with a commercial ad where Gaurav was the last-minute replacement for some other actor. The star made his first Hindi feature film appearance in the movie '6-5 =' which was an adaptation of a Kannada film by the same name. Gradually, he rose to fame and entered Dhollywood with the film 'Je Pan Kahish E Sachu AJ Kahish' (2016) for which he was nominated for the best actor category. He also marked his Hollywood debut with the 2019 film 'Hotel Mumbai'.

Gaurav - The accidental actor

Gaurav calls himself an accidental actor. He says it happened on a cricket field at Sydney. The actor was getting into professional cricket. While practicing bowling, the actor hurt and broke his thumb. The bone was broken into two pieces which made him stay away from cricket for quite a few months. After that, he couldn’t play cricket the way he would have liked to. So, I've had to look out for another outlet to channelise his energy. Acting was the first thing he stumbled upon at the time.

Studying the art of acting

The actor pursued his acting at an institute in Sydney. But while I've studied acting for a year and a half at the institute there, I've been advised by one of the teachers to pursue his acting career in India and so I've followed the suggestion.

Oscillating between Mumbai and Sydney

The star's journey in Mumbai was not easy. Speaking exclusively about his trip, Gaurav told ETimes: My trip to Mumbai was much more difficult than I expected. Studying and living in Sydney made it even more difficult because he was used to a certain comfort, luxury and personal space. Mumbai didn't give me any of that. that. I spent 2.5 years doing theater in Mumbai. It helped me a lot in terms of brushing up on my Hindi and voice modulation. After that, I went back to Sydney for a while. My close friend was very fond of my voice and she asked me to apply for an RJ job in Sydney. I had no previous RJing experience but tried anyway. I called them and told them about my experience and they invited me to audition. I prepared a piece and went there with zero expectations. I forgot about hearing in a few days and one day when I was taking a train home, I got a call from an unknown number. That call was one of the happiest of my life. I was cast as RJ on the only Hindi radio station in Australia at the time. Later, I decided to take a leap of faith and headed back to Mumbai and gave the performance another try, as it had given him 2.5 years of my life in Mumbai. I wanted to see if there was anything for me in the film industry here.

Success story

Talking to ETimes about his films, the actor said, 2014 was the year that changed everything for me. I was selected for a film through an audition which was a remake of a Kannada blockbuster titled ' 6-5=2 '. This movie was made in Hindi and ended up being my first feature film. In 2015 I met with Naitik Raval for the first time with a mutual friend and we connected instantly and decided to work together in the near future. Later, my first Gujarati film happened with Naitik Raval. The film is titled 'Je Pan Kahish E Sachu AJ Kahish'. The film ended up winning a lot of awards at GIFA 2016 including the Critics' Choice for the best film. From then on, I did a number of Gujarati, Hindi and English films and in the year 2019 at GIFA, I won the best actor award for '47 Dhansukh Bhawan '.