Wanitha Ashok Shares Her Fitness Training Mantra

Fitness expert Wanitha Ashok has not let the lethargy sink during the shutdown and she urges everyone to do the same. She says: Stay home, stay in shape is the mantra that we should all practice while we are locked up. And for those who think keeping physically fit is a chore while locked up, Wanitha shares some quick exercises that can help strengthen the core and improve flexibility ...


This is a safe way to start and is suitable for beginners. It comprises all the muscles of the lower body and strengthens and tones them. As these muscles are long, they tend to burn more calories, speed up metabolism.


- Stand in front of a sturdy chair - Spread your legs apart (slightly more than the distance between the chair legs)

- Land on the chair and get up, making sure not to stress your knees.

- Do three sets of eight repetitions


A full body workout that involves all the muscles in the body. It is a good cardiovascular, strength exercise. Burning calories, conditioning the heart, and speeding up metabolism happens all at once.


- Get in a plank position.

- Keep your hands shoulder width apart, flat back, hooked core, and aligned head.

- Pull the right knee towards the chest and then change.

- Try to run in that position as fast as you can.

- Aim for 60-90 seconds or based on your fitness levels. Avoid if you have any joint problems.


It works on the muscles of the lower body: it tones and strengthens them. Increases strength and power.


- Stand in front of the stairs

- Extend your right leg forward and place it on the ladder. Extend the other leg behind you

- Return to the starting position and repeat for the other leg

- Aim for three sets of eight reps