Covid-19: Miss England of Indian Origin Returns to NHS as Junior Physician

LONDON: Of Indian origin, the reigning Queen of England has returned to National Health service (NHS) as a junior doctor, saying it was natural for her to continue her work during the pandemic, it was reported Thursday.

Breathing specialist Mukherjee, 24, returned home after her trip to India, where she had been doing charity work and was due to start again in Boston, Lincolnshire, next week.

Couldn't be prouder to be Miss England and serve something of great national pride like the NHS, Bhasha tells BBC Radio 1 Beat News.

He was in India as part of a humanitarian trip through Asia and was to travel to countries like Pakistan.

After seeing the crisis unfolding in the UK, she wanted to share the burden.

I felt unfair to dress in a safe place while my colleagues were putting their lives on the front line, she said.

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The NHS is adapting to the growing cases of coronavirus in the UK through redeployment of staff and by requesting recently retired doctors and nurses to return to work.

Currently, the beauty queen was solving the logistical problems of her return to work, including things like the shifts she would be doing and where she would live.

He is currently isolating himself in his hometown of Derby, which is about 50 miles from the hospital.

Mukherjee also knows the health risks of returning to wards, but is not concerned about contracting the disease in the hospital.

I could have caught him anytime or anywhere. He could have picked it up at any airport or while he was in India, he told the BBC.

My main concern is the pressure that our NHS is under.

Bhasha was crowned Miss England in August 2019, shortly after earning two medical degrees from the.

She had spent time training as a junior doctor in a respiratory room, as well as modeling and participating in competitions.