Zoa Morani writes a heartfelt note from the hospital: my doctor is so sweet and full of life

Zoa Morani, sister Shaza and her father Karim Morani recently tested positive for COVID-19 . The actress checked into a Mumbai hospital and wrote a note on social media, thanking the doctors and hospital staff who are taking care of her. “I am so overwhelmed to see that the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff take care of us without fear! There are no words that can describe ... I can see their discomfort in their protective suits even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that they serve us ... the true heroes for sure ... my Dr. is so sweet and full of life, he constantly makes jokes and makes me feel so light ... yesterday he was the one who brought me the news about the positive tests and he was so sensitive and funny at the same time (I don't know how he did it) so grateful for Dr Saurabh Phadkare and his team ... Feeling so safe in his hands, Zoa shared.

Previously, while talking to BT, Zoa had said: “This is all very shocking! I was the one who showed the symptoms and that is the reason why we (Shaza and Zoa) agreed to do the test. My test was negative and Shaza's was positive. As a precautionary measure, the doctors asked me to retest, and now I am in the hospital under observation. He had just returned home from Rajasthan. On March 19, my sister complained of a headache and fever. She immediately isolated herself from my parents and me. The next day, I even started to have a fever and my head hurt. A doctor came home, who gave us flu tablets and asked us to isolate ourselves.

A source informed the Bombay Times that the family is concerned about Kairm Morani's health. “He is over 60 years old and is a cardiac patient. He showed no symptoms, but tested positive for COVID-19. He already survived two heart attacks and also had bypass surgery, a source told BT. His wife Zara has given negative for coronavirus .