Akshay Anand: 'Sadak 2' gives you a different kind of Mahesh Bhatt

Actor Akshay Anand had been directed by Mahesh Bhatt back in 1998 in the movie 'Zakhm'. After 1999's Kartoos, Bhatt relinquished the responsibilities of a director. Now he's back in the director's chair for the next one. ' Sadak 2 ', and Anand, who is working with him again, couldn't be more excited about it.

It's been a wonderful film to do because the last film that I did with him was 'Zakhm'. Soon I have retired (as a director) and he has now come back to direct. Doing that film ('Sadak 2') with him , for me, was like a cherished moment, Akshay told media agency.

Asked if I noticed any changes in him as a director, Akshay said: Yes, he has matured a lot. He is so richly and deeply oozing with value for life. He wants to give it to a lot of people through his films and dialogues, and through the ideas that he has in his mind. 'Sadak 2' is a very different kind of a film. It's been made beautifully. You will definitely get a different kind of Bhatt sahab, promised the actor.

Akshay also shared information about his role in the upcoming movie, starring Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt & Aditya Roy Kapur .

I am playing Sanjay Dutt's friend. I am one of those people who convinces you to live life for a reason. He listens to me. It is an important role even if it is a cameo. It's like the role I did in 'Ghulam'. It was a small role but the character is still alive through the film, he said.