Immunity booster: orange, beet, mint and cinnamon detoxification

Ingredients: Fresh oranges: 450 gm, carrots: 80 gm, beets: 50 gm, fresh lemon: 1 piece, fresh mint: 2 twigs, cinnamon stick: 1, fresh turmeric: 20 gm, fresh ginger: 20 gm


For decoction:

Grate fresh ginger and fresh turmeric (if fresh turmeric is not available use powder)

Boil in water together with the cinnamon stick.

Reduce and reserve Let cool

For juice:

Wash the carrot, beets, and oranges.

Wash fresh mint and set aside

Scoop out fresh juice from these ingredients.

Mix the decoction and the juice. Enjoy at room temperature without salt or sugar. This juice is full of vitamin C.

Chef Tanuj Nayyar, Executive Chef, Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie