Bigg Boss contestants share tips for dealing with #CoronaLockdown

While the nation is in emergency shutdown we talk to some Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants who were in a similar situation when they were separated from the world, locked inside the house. Here are her tips for making the most of your time in a situation like this ...



Wake up with a fresh mind. In our busy lives, both men and women do not have enough time to care for our bodies, so this is the time to pamper yourself. We often forget to drink enough water. Let's make it all up this summer. Parents should enjoy open conversation with their children and learn more about their problems and ambitions.



Those with backyards at home should try organic farming. It is a good exercise and it can also refresh our minds. Do you have pets at home? Take better care of them. YouTube can also be used to acquire new skills such as video editing, clay modeling, etc. Also try those cool DIY crafts to make videos. Raghu-Subhash


We can teach our parents to use social media and smartphones. Many of us don’t pay attention to their requests to teach them, often. The emergency shutdown period can be used to upgrade their skills, teach them how to make a video call, share photos on WhatsApp, take photos or videos, create a social media account, etc. We should also finish off anything we had kept for later.



In the Bigg Boss house, we used to engage in many fun group activities like the naadan kalikal from the days of yore. I think we can use this emergency shutdown time to bond with our children and parents, playing those old-time games like kuttiyum kolum, kallanum policeum , name-place-thing, rock-paper-scissors, hiding place, musical chairs, passing the package and more. They can keep us engaged for hours.

Abhirami Suresh 2


I think this is the best time for introspection. The doors of our houses may be closed, but we can open them to our souls and analyze ourselves. We can also brush up on our forgotten talents from school days, like drawing, writing poetry, etc. We can try to understand how our mothers handle housework, help them, and not complain about their efforts from now on.