Sheopur couple welcomes 'Lockdown' baby

BHOPAL: A couple in the Sheopur district have named their baby Lockdown as India is in the midst of the 21 days caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The baby was born on Monday. Manju Mail gave birth to a boy in Bacheri village, about 30 kilometers from the Sheopur district headquarters.

When hospital staff asked the couple what name they should mention on the birth certificate, they said Bloqueo. When the nurse confirmed the name, Manju said: Yes, he is Lockdown, as he was born during the lockout period. Her husband said: “My son and our family will remember this moment of crisis throughout our lives ... It is a significant name. The entire world is using blockade as a means to unleash this pandemic. We shouldn't take Lockdown lightly.

A message from WhatApp has been circulating these days, suggesting names for babies born during March-April. In addition, Block names such as Corona, Social Distance have been suggested in the message.