Team India coaches constantly monitor the fitness of Virat Kohli&Co

NEW DELHI: The world has been paralyzed by the coronavirus Outbreaks and sporting events have been suspended or canceled. But there is no rest to keep fit for Indian cricketers, as not only have they been given personalized training charts for this period, but their progress is also constantly monitored in the Athlete Monitoring System (AMS ) by coach Nick Webb and physio Nitin Patel.

Team management sources said that in addition to providing the training routines for the hired players, the coach and physio are also monitoring progress made and areas that may need further focus.

Nick and Nitin check the progress of the players once the kids enter their data into the app. We don't need dates or a virtual assessment setup to verify what the kids are doing with regards to following the fitness routines given to them because they are already being monitored daily, the source said.


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A former player had recently joked that a emergency shutdown It does not mean that cricketers should now go ahead and have high calorie foods. The source said that while players may have their sweet little traps, everything is being closely monitored.

These guys are too professional to think about going out to eat. The culture established in this team by Captain Kohli is such that everyone knows that a cheat meal here and there is fine, but nothing at the cost of their standard fitness being successful.


Plus, with the AMS app, they can understand themselves when they can enjoy high-calorie foods and when to stay away, the source noted.

The routines have been created taking into account the demands of the players. So, for example, a bowler has been given exercises that work to strengthen his core and lower body. Similarly, a hitter has been given exercises that also work on his shoulders and wrists, the source added, commenting on the type of exercises players have been given.