Srilakshmi Kanakala's on-screen daughter Pranavya shares an emotional post about the former's death; says I can't even see you one last time

Srilakshmi Kanakala, sister of the actor Rajeev Kanakala and sister-in-law of the anchor of Telugu Sum Kanakala , passed away on Monday (April 6) fighting cancer. Telugu television industry especially his good friends and Ruthugeetham the co-stars are surprised by his unexpected disappearance.

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Actress Pranavya, who played the on-screen daughter of Srilakshmi in Ruthugeetham, also shared a picture with the latter and wrote, “I’m so speechless right now! My heart aches to get used to the fact that you're gone. I can't even see you for one last time !! I love you so much mummy! I’ll always be your baby. I’ll always miss your hugs and kisses and the way you used to treat me like your daughter RIP MUMMY ”

Pranavya Ruthugeetham actress Lahari took to her Instagram handle to share a few pictures and wrote, “This is really unexpected. Shattered by the news. May her soul rest in peace. Support and prayers to their family. We miss you Sreelaxmi garu ”

Lahari on Srilakshmi's demise

Ace TV Host Jhansi He also took his Instagram name to express his grief over Srilakshmi's disappearance. She wrote: God, your plans are hard to figure out ... Isn't it too early to take her away? Take care of her there and the family here.


Popular TV actress Shruthi also shared a photo of Srilakshmi on her social media id and wrote: Paapaiiii ... nuvvu naaku elagey telusu..miss u my dear friend ..luv u ......

Sruthi Singampalli

In particular, the Arutham Harshavardhan actor, who shared a video on his Facebook account, a few hours before Srilakshmi's death became official, urging fans of Srilakshmi's family not to visit them amid the Covid blockade - 19, I had deleted the video later. The reasons behind the same are unknown.

Harshavardhan deletes video

Srilakshmi, who has been fighting cancer for two years, is survived by her husband Peddi Rama Rao and their two daughters Prerna and Ragaleena.