From enjoying the shooting life to exploring the streets of Kolkata: things Alokananda Guha would love to do once the running of the bulls is over

The whole nation is under emergency shutdown to control further spread of COVID-19 outbreak. People are trying to spend the home quarantine phase effectively and trying to stay positive. Some are following their passion for music, dance or painting, a few are keeping themselves busy accepting ‘challenges’ trending over social media, while some are trying to be optimistic and listing the things they would like to do the moment emergency shutdown ends.

Etimes TV chatted with bubbly actress 'Irabotir Chupkotha' Alokananda Guha , who expressed his heart and shared how he is going through the quarantine phase at home, the things he would like to do and what leaves his family worried in the midst of the critical situation.

I am trying to remain optimistic in the midst of the current situation. With more time with my parents and my sister, it is not boring. But one thing keeps us worried. My dad works at Department of electricity and he is in emergency service. We all take care of your health, says the actress.

Alokananda's younger sister Ananya is also an actress. The sisters are spending quality time dancing their heart out and trying new recipes at home. The actress said, “My sister keeps shooting small videos and she made me dance too. Besides this, we try preparing delicious snacks in the evening. We mostly rely on the internet for the recipes. Thanks to the recipes available on the internet; Ananya has prepared different types of coffee, ”giggled the actress while sharing.

Well, there is another thing that keeps Alokananda and Ananya motivated these days. The secret is new dishes cooked by their mom. “There is a good thing about the home quarantine. Mom is cooking new dishes every day. It keeps us motivated these days, ”she laughed.

When asked about the things she would like to do once the emergency shutdown ends, the bubbly actress gave us a list. “Well, my list is quite big. I’m missing my shooting floor and all the fun we used to have. So I would like to start shooting first. Then, I would like to explore the streets of Kolkata. I would like to roam around the city. I would also like to have good food outside. I will make sure that I get the pending birthday treats from my friends. And I would like to go on a long trip with my family,” Alokananda signs off with a big smile on her face.