Spend time with your loved ones, who are the true source of happiness in life: Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal, one of the popular actresses in the television industry, has impressed viewers with exceptional performances across all genres. She continues to make her mark through her role as Ammi on the fantasy show Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga. With the shoots currently off, Smita has been home, spending quality time with her daughters and appreciating everything.

Speaking of how he spends his time at home these days, Smita Bansal He shared: “I spend most of my time with my daughters, since it is also vacation time for them. This is actually what you call quality time I spend with them. Also, I've been cooking, which I couldn't do before due to my filming schedules. I have never cooked before and my children could never say that today my mother did this or that. We also shot some DIY videos for my daughter's YouTube channel. So, all my time is spent with my daughters while we play board games, I tell them bedtime stories that they always wanted, we watch movies and we spend all the time laughing together.

When asked what she enjoys the most, she said: “I am doing things that I could never do before. I have been sleeping late and woke up very late too. This is unusual for me, but I am enjoying it.

Spreading positivity among her fans, Smita says: “These are really challenging times and it can be difficult to stay positive. However, I would like to say to all who take this time to be with their loved ones, that they are the true source of happiness in their life. Time goes on and this too will pass. So, let's look at the bright side of this phase, rather than regretting later that we keep working and don't use this time to the fullest. So stay home, enjoy yourself and your family and obey all advice given by the government and doctors. These doctors have been working around the clock to keep citizens safe. So let's show gratitude to them by taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.