What made Pratibha Ranta call his father from the sets of Qurbaan Hua?

Neel ( Karan Jotwani ) and Chahat ( Pratibha Ranta ) A dramatic but intriguing story has already captivated the audience. But it seems that viewers were in luck as several twists and turns spiced up the plot of Qurbaan Hua Recently. While filming a sequence, lead actress Pratibha Rana was so excited that she immediately called her father.

In the sequel, Neel was seen touching Vyas ji's feet after 15 long years. He did so in order to save Chahat, who had unintentionally dropped Dr Baig's picture near Vyas ji's feet, putting her secret at the verge of being exposed. Surprised by Neel's gesture, just when Chahat took a sigh of relief, Neel was ready to make her suffer with his wicked plan. He left no stone unturned to humiliate Chahat and her father to being mocked by people in the market and black ink being thrown at her father, Dr Baig's image. This sequence was so intense that it left Pratibha Ranta very emotional. In fact, she called her father as soon as the shot got over.

Speaking of the same thing, Pratibha revealed: The dramatic sequence of the market really hit me. He could really feel Chahat's emotions. I put myself in that situation and wondered how I would feel if my father's name was tarnished or if someone would make fun of him. I was really excited and called him right away. I just wanted to talk to him. Since I don't stay with my parents, they stay in Shimla, I talk to them regularly, but that day I missed my dad. much. For the first time, I felt like I was so far away. But he calmed me down on the phone and joked that I was getting emotional.