R Nait Kanda Taar's last song describes the current state of the Covid-19 outbreak

Another Punjabi artist has hooked the public with his musical output, and this time is none other than R Nait. Yes punjabi singer R Nait has reached the music charts with his latest song ‘ Kanda taar ’. The song is basically a musical version of the current state of Punjabi due to the pandemic.

By the means of this song R Nait has tried to highlight the situation of Punjab amid the pandemic. It narrated how the economy is going down, how selflessly the Punjab police is working to protect all, so on and so forth.

Check out R Nait ’s ‘ Kanda taar ’ here:

Coming to the credits of the song, besides giving vocals, R Nait has given lyrics to the song. Further, Music Empire worked on the music and Gry India on the video.