Soup or fried: instant noodles are the comfort food during labor

Easy to cook and experiment with, many would agree that instant noodles are a penning favorite in every kitchen. Delicious and comforting, a healthier soupy noodle dish with a generous dose of vegetables or meat is being favored by young people who are equally famous.nI make my noodles with ingredients available in the kitchen

Actress Ragini Dwivedi, who often visits her social media page to share her culinary adventures with her fans, recently made ramen with instant noodles. The best thing about instant noodles is that it is easy to make. For example, you can cook ramen at home with the ingredients available in your kitchen. And if not, you can go for thick noodles or even try fried noodles. There is so much that can be done with instant noodles, she says.

It is easy and easy to use

Instant noodles have universal appeal. It is loved by people of all ages in all cultures. In fact, #friednoodles was a recent trend on social media, as people shared their own versions amidst the COVID-19 crash. Chef Aaksh Tyagi says: “One of the reasons people buy instant noodles is because of their availability. There are so many noodle brands on the market today that there are so many options. It is also easy and hassle-free. And now that people are confined to their homes, instant noodles also become the best thing to experience in the kitchen.

Midnight Ramen, Anyone? Actress Shruti Hassan recently posted a video to Instagram and captioned it: Midnight ramen. His bowl of instant noodle soup included chicken, eggs, some vegetables, and some spices and sauces.