How to make eyebrows at home during the closure

With the country under total blockade, all classrooms and salons are now closed. A woman's biggest closure problems are not able to keep her eyebrows in shape and under control. To shape them every few days, we have to know how to go without cleaning them for almost a month. Those bushy, sloppy eyebrows make all women shrink in front of the mirror. We have some simple steps you can take to help you keep those bushy eyebrows under control, even at home.

Step 1 - Wash your face with warm water and brush your eyebrows well with a spoolie brush

Step 2 - Hold the skin tightly with one hand and slowly remove the extra hair with tweezers. Remember to pull your hair out one by one. Drop them in the direction of hair growth.

Step 3 - Use eyebrow scissors to cut long strands of hair.

Stage 4 - Keep checking the shape of the eyebrow by brushing them with a spool from time to time Step 5 - Rub some ice if the skin around the eyebrows is irritated and red.

How can you know the natural shape of your eyebrows?

The first step is to determine the length of your eyebrow. Start by placing a pencil in one of your nostrils and look straight ahead. This marks the point where your brow should start. Then, hold the pencil on the same line as the nostril and place it just behind the corner of your eye to mark the end of the eyebrow.

To determine the natural arch of your forehead, take the same pencil and place it at a 45 degree angle from the nose. The pencil should pass the pupil and point just where the brow arch is supposed to be.

Focus only on unruly hair

It is advisable to pluck only unruly hair around the center of the eyebrow. These are mainly concentrated around the eyelid and under the brow bone. You can also draw the desired shape of your forehead and pluck using the guide, for the best appearance.

Not over boot

Excessive eyebrow waxing is bad for hair follicles. It is recommended to pluck your eyebrows no more than every three days. Don't start them every day. The frequency of hair removal also depends on the type of hair growth you experience.