Coronavirus: Panic and Peak Prejudice Against Animal Feeders, Pet Owners in Noida

NOIDA: Uliya Obydenova, a Russian woman living in Sector 71, Noida and caring for more than 5,000 stray dogs in the city since 2015 with the help of a team of 12 volunteers, says she is facing strange treatment by of the premises in the last days. .

People think I'm a foreigner and that I can spread Covid-19. So they are opposed when I go near slums and villages to feed myself these days, ”he said. “So my volunteers are more helpful right now, I feed about 70 dogs a day myself and sterilize and treat them. I manage everything with personal donations from people, ”added Uliya.

Paranoia and prejudice appear to have taken hold against stray animals, just as companion animals and feeders claim they are fighting on multiple fronts as parts of Noida, get ready to seal the Covid-19 infected hot spots. In infection prevention attire, outbursts of distress against animal feeders, pet owners have been reported. Animal activists report sporadic incidents from parts of Noida and Ghaziabad in recent days, where activists have called for police intervention.

On March 23, Samriti Datta, a woman who has been actively feeding stray dogs and even large animals, was suddenly attacked by neighbors within her society. In the same society, another dog-father was attacked with heavy objects such as diyas and flowerpots for raising two stray puppies, however, Bammi was unhurt.

The incidents have been reported to the Nagar police, but no action has been taken so far. We will find out more about these incidents before commenting, said Rajesh Kumar Singh, ACP, Zone 3, Gautam Budh Nagar police. A PCR police van had to rush into a partnership, Exotica Dreamville at Noida Extension, on Monday night when a RWA member tweeted that pet owners should throw pets while spreading Covid-19.

The situation is paranoid, to say the least, and most people who are attacking parents or pet feeders are basically dog ​​haters who simply use this period as an excuse, said Surabhi Rawat, an animal activist with based in Ghaziabad.

Noting the growing incidents of attacks and abuses, the Trade Union Minister for Women's and Children's Development and President of People for Animals, Maneka gandhi He told TOI: “There is no scientific basis for people's fear of cats and dogs. Of all the tests done in India, so far no animal has been detected as a carrier. We are hearing cases where animal feeders and especially women who feed or help animals are being harassed, it's just that a pandemic situation is being used to vent the animals from the band of personal grouse being used. as an excuse ”.

Commenting on the tiger issue in the Bronx, USA. USA, which has been detected with a novel, Gandhi said: “The difference between a cat and a tiger is comparable to the difference between a dog and a wolf. Therefore, throwing cats out of the house or not feeding them is very cruel and has no scientific basis.

Veterinary doctor and former director of the Delhi Zoo, BM Arora, said: If a tiger has caught a virus while inside a cage, we must try to understand its origin because they live far from human contact inside the cage. Now, so far in India, not a single animal has been detected to be infected, and there is no basis to fear that cats and dogs will become infected in India.

“First there is a shortage of food, second there is an increase in eyelashes. All residents should introduce themselves and help animals at this time, said Kaveri Bhardwaj, an animal rescuer from Greater Noida.

Noida has a specific dog shelter SPCA (Society for Animal Cruelty) and a gaushala that houses injured animals, there are hundreds of dogs and cows on its streets that depend heavily on garbage containers and food waste in restaurants that have been closed since March 24 due to the blockade imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.