‘Rawkto Rawhoshyo’ tells the story of a mother's journey: Soukarya Ghosal

Soukarya Ghosal whose next emotional thriller ‘ Rawkto Rawhoshyo The release has been postponed due to the coronavirus, he has high hopes for his movie. Protagonist Koel Mallick Like Swarnaja, a radio jockey, the story traces the contours of a mother-child relationship, using a variety of complex situations. It also has Santilal Mukherjee, Rwitobroto Mukherjee , Lily Chakraborty & Chandan Roy Sanyal in fundamental roles.

According to the talented director, ‘Rawkto Rawhoshyo’, produced by Surinder Films, primarily chronicles the journey of a mother. “The film might raise several questions regarding motherhood, on whether a mother is a protector or a best friend?” However, I insists the strength in Swarnaja’s character lies in her ability to combat evil with good.

I think this is quite a tough battle for anyone,” explained the director. “Swarnaja means one who is born from swarna or gold. The film will clarify why I chose this particular name, but all I want to say is that her character is clean & upright. When I was writing the script, I could only think of Koel playing the character.” Ghoshal revealed he was introduced to the actress by his wife Pooja Chatterjee, & when Mallick agreed to do the film, he just felt, “the magic has already been created!”