Did you know that Uttam Kumar went on a trip to the United States shortly before his death?

Not many people know that Uttam Kumar He had a trip to the United States in 1979, just a year before his sudden disappearance. Was accompanied by Delete Debi and they stayed there for 45 days. This was Mahanayak's first trip to the United States. Previously, you had visited some European countries with Satyajit Ray .

Uttam had visited New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, California, Baltimore, and Buffalo. He had also visited Toronto in Canada. Those who had seen Uttam in America were delighted with its simplicity and personality. Her humility had also attracted those who came to her contact. When his fans decided to celebrate his birthday at a large hotel in Canada, he refused and insisted that it be celebrated at his host's home, which was a small three-room apartment.

Uttam was also a good singer and an avid lover of Rabindra sangeet . Often on weekends I have used to entertain the audience by singing Rabindra sangeet. His fans in USA felt those 45 days will remain forever in their memory.

Uttam Kumar died from a massive heart attack in 1980. He felt uneasy during the shooting of ‘ Ogo Bodhu Sundari And he was taken to a nursing home, where he breathed for the last time shortly after admission. He was only 54 years old when he died, ending an era in Bengali cinema.

Many feel that he was not only a star, but was the man who stood by the Bengali film industry at a time when Tollywood was reeling from the economic crisis.