Covid-19 crash: 'Nojor' actress Sampurna Lahiri feeds street animals

Actress Sampurna Lahiri He is an animal lover in real life. In addition to reading books and watching movies, Sampurna has fun playing with her pet dog. It also flaunts your culinary skills in the kitchen. But something else also keeps her busy. Thinking about street dogs, cats, and other animals in her locality, the actress makes sure they don't starve due to the ongoing blockade.

Sampurna, who stays at home during the confinement, is in charge of feeding the street animals near her home. The beautiful actress has also urged other fans to feed the animals with surplus food, which could be starving.

Like Sampurna, various actors such as Debopriyo Mukherjee , Vikram Chatterjee , Debolina Dutta and others have talked about animal rights. They have asked citizens to feed street animals in their locality during the crisis.

Returning to Sampurna, she was seen playing a daayan in the Bengali supernatural drama Nojor, which is the remake of Antara Biswas also known as Monalisa starrer show Nazar. Sampurna, who is mainly seen in movies, returned to Bengali television after quite some time with this show.