Have you already paid attention to the rugs? Here are some easy tips for cleaning them.

We are in the last section of the running of the bulls and most of us have already cleaned all the main corners of the house. But have any of you already paid attention to your rugs or carpets? Carpets and rugs can easily elevate the look of any home and bring that touch of glamor and grandeur to your home. It is important to keep your carpet clean to avoid side effects. Well, you still have time to clean them and it is not a difficult task.

Carpets should be vacuumed regularly; Stain spills should be wiped up immediately with a dry cotton cloth. The best way to keep them is to keep them away from moisture, professionally cleaning them regularly if stored; It must be stored in a dry place.

So we got in touch with an expert Angelique Dhama who shared some tips and tricks that can ensure your rugs and carpets are clean and ready to shine for the season.

Vacuum regularly

Wool is a natural dust repellent. A regular vacuum cleaner at least twice a week helps keep the carpet clean. Loop rugs are more delicate and should be vacuumed without a brush. In case any thread comes out on the surface, don't throw it. Cut it with scissors.

Stain cleaning

In the event of a drop or spill on a mat, place blotting paper immediately on it to absorb it quickly. To minimize absorption into the stack, press the point from the sides for maximum removal. In tough places, try an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Club soda is appropriately thinner for coffee and red wine stains; corn starch for fat; iron and the transfer method for candle wax; otherwise, contact a professional.

Avoid dust, dirt and humidity.

Wet carpet leads to mold and mildew growth. Also, wet wool starts to rot with a bad smell. Ensure adequate aeration of the carpet periodically.


If you want to deodorize your carpets, avoid the chemical-laden options and make yours with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil.


Keep a few bags of silica gel on the roll to keep it dry.

Protective layer

For preventive maintenance, rugs can be protected by placing a layer of scotchgard fabric once every three to six months, depending on usage

* Angelique Dhama is the spokesperson for Obeetee