Ruslaan Mumtaz recounts the horrors he faced after the birth of his newborn son Rayaan

Ruslaan Mumtaz and his wife Nirali they became proud parents of their baby kid Rayaan on March 26, 2020. While her happiness knew no bounds, things soon turned into a nightmare. If asked to leave the hospital to not knowing exactly how and when to feed the baby , Ruslaan recounts all the horrors he faced.Talking to a news portal, Ruslaan reportedly said that one of the doctors in the hospital had passed away due to Covid-19, so they were asked to leave the hospital after a few hours. He recalled that they had no baby sister and no one to guide them how to feed the baby or how to make him burp. He also added that his parents told him to get a Japa maid who specialises in taking care of the newborns but that would have increased the chances of contracting the virus.

Elaborating further, he added that after they brought the newborn home, the baby slept the entire day and didn’t have milk for 14 hours. Later, around 12 at night, he woke up and Ruslaan was up till 3 am with him in his arms. He added that Nirali and he decided to swaddle the baby so that he felt cosy in the cot. They saw online how to do it and wrapped him up tightly. However, after a while when he touched the baby , he wasn’t moving. The actor freaked out thinking he had done something wrong. However, after some time he moved and he was relieved.

Mumtaz reportedly said that he decided to take the risk and convinced a baby sister to be with them for the next three months. He added that he was afraid that he might end up making a mistake due to the lack of knowledge.