'Barrister Babu' children's star Aura meditates for good health

Child actor Aura Bhatnagar , popularly known as Bondita on the Barrister Babu TV show, is inspired by her mother to learn Yoga. The eight-year-old girl says it helps her stay positive and happy all day.

Aura also urged everyone to practice yoga and meditation to be positive in such stressful situations.

During this break from filming, I learned some basic yoga and meditation techniques from my mother, and I am grateful to her for teaching me. It helps me be positive and happy all day, said Aura

She added: At this difficult time when there are so many things in the world. It is my humble request to all my fans and loved ones to practice Yoga, as it will help them to remain calm and composed at all times.

Barrister Babu revolves around the child bride Bondita Das who got married Anirudh Roy Choudhary in her childhood and how Anirudh fights against society for her education and helps her become a lawyer.