Here is Sudipa Chatterjee's secret mantra to stay happy; and it's not cooking

Sudipta Chatterjee, whose cooking show ‘ Sudipa r Rannaghar Inspired many Bengali women to try new recipes at home, she has her own secret recipe to keep herself happy. She is quite bubbly in real life and loves to live life to the fullest no matter what happens. Following his own secret recipe, Sudipa is spending the home quarantine phase optimistically. Other than spending quality time with hubby Agnidev, who otherwise stays busy with his projects, Sudipa has another secret for a happy mind.

Sudipa, who is a bookworm, is reading a lot especially now, when people have been urged to stay at home to control the further spread of novel coronavirus. Sudipa is reading the books she wanted to read since long. Currently, she is reading ‘Parulbalar Diary’, by Krishna Sen .

Well, she has another reason to be happy indeed as the old episodes of ‘Rannaghar’, hosted by Sudipa are getting a rerun on television amidst the emergency shutdown . She hosted the cookery show for almost 13 years before bidding adieu due to pregnancy. Now that the show is getting aired once again, Sudipa is getting a huge response from her fans, who always wanted her to come back as a host of ‘Rannaghar’.

On the career front, Sudipa is successfully handling her family life and other projects. After ‘Rannaghar’, she got busy with the creative aspects of ‘Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu’.