Join the fight against the crown with DIY masks

Wear a mask every time you go out and help India win this battle against the coronavirus pandemic. But leave the N95 and surgical masks for the healthcare workers who need it more than you. Be creative with your homemade masks, like celebrities.

Nakkhul, actor

It is absolutely essential to follow the blocking protocol. So when you need to go outside, masks become a basic form of protection.

Sudha Ragunathan, musician and carnatic singer

Stay home, maintain social distance, keep a positive attitude around you and within you and, of course, listen to music. Don't touch your face unnecessarily and don't go out when it's not necessary. But if necessary, wear a mask.

Joshna Chinappa, athlete

Every time I go shopping for essentials, I wear my homemade mask. Let's wear a mask so we can protect ourselves and others.

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh, actress and cricket player

It is imperative that we wear a mask when going out as it protects not only us, but others as well. It also dissuades one from touching one's face. One only needs two elastic bands and a piece of cloth to make a mask at home.

Sruthi Hariharan, actress

It is important to wear a mask and prevention is better than cure, as one could be an asymptomatic carrier for all he knows. A simple homemade mask is best to protect you when you go out. Since I have a baby at home, I always cover my face and hair.

Vidyut Jammwal, actor

Wearing a mask even when the curfew is lifted is your way of protecting the people you come in contact with as you go through your lives. Show that you care.