Exclusive - Ratna Pathak Shah on portraying Maya Sarabhai: I always asked our writer if we are not too hard on the middle class

From her saris, off-the-shoulder tops to her typically middle-class popular dialogue, Ratna Pathak Shah completely owns the character of Maya Sarabhai in the popular sitcom Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai. The most beloved program is back on the small screen in the middle of the coronavirus blockade and will run again on April 6. Recently, the star cast and creators Sarabhai vs Sarabhai interacted with a select group of media over a video call to share their excitement on the return of the show on television. Ratna Pathak Shah and Rupali Ganguly open about their roles and remember the shooting experience.

Talking about which character does she relate more to, Maya Sarabhai or Monisha, the seasoned actress said, Of course, Maya Sarabhai it has to be her. Tauba I don't relate to Monisha at all in real life. And in today's time definitely with Maya Sarabhai. I remember when we started shooting for the show, I often asked our writer Aatish Kapadia, kya middle class ko itna lataadna zaruri hai ... (do we need to be so cruel towards the middle class). Aren't we too harsh on them and is it fair after all we all are middle class. I definitely think of myself as a middle class person and I do things that Monisha does in real-life to save money. But when I see people around doing things, I feel hum ne shayad kum he kiya (We should have been more harsh). As Deven Bhojani said earlier the show was much ahead of its time, the time has caught up with it. The world I feel is turning into a crazy mess that Sarabhai talked about.

Commenting on the same, Rupali Ganguly, who played Maya Sarabhai 's middle-class daughter-in-law, Monisha, said, I am very much like her. In fact, when my father saw the show for the first time I asked me whether the makers have installed a camera inside our house. How do they know you so well? The way you have your dinner lying on the sofa, Monisha is exactly the same. How can the writer even write like that. I wear nothing except runner slippers in real-life when it comes to footwear, and it was picked up in the show. I am messy just like Monisha, but I am happy that I've got a husband like Sahil and my kid has also got trained.

Recalling the old shooting days, Ratna Pathak Shah said, You should have seen our makeup room. Rupali and I shared the same make-up room. Her bed was full of things, they used to be lying all over. It was classic.

Rupali added: When we first entered the room, it was a large room with a huge mirror and two beds, a smaller one. I took the smallest bed without even asking. But when Mrs. Ratna saw my things, she said to me, do me a favor and take the bigger bed.