Jacqueline Fernández: An experience that the actress is eager to publish.

Like the others in the country and foreign lands, Jacqueline Fernandez is in quarantine too. Like many others, the actress also hopes that life will return to normal. The only thing he eagerly awaits is socializing. She says: I miss socializing and after spending so much time at home I think it will be a whole new experience getting to know the people I really want to hang out with and am really looking forward to. Ask him how he spends his day at home and quickly adds: “So my daily routine these days is to start my day with yoga for about 2 hours. After that, I feed my cats, which continues with the housework. At night, I see something on the Internet and read a book and soon it's time to sleep. That pretty much sums up my day. The blockade has also benefited the actress in some way. Earlier, while speaking to the Bombay Times, she had said: “I enjoy spending time with my cats. Therefore, I have always tried to make time for them even before. Now with the lock, I spend most of my time with them. Your company makes me happy.