Purab Kohli and his family test positive for coronavirus; says we are no longer contagious

Actor Purab Kohli is currently in London and the outbreak of coronavirus It is rampant there. The actor, who has done many television shows and reality shows, stated that he had a normal cold and flu, which turned out to be COVID-19 -19.

In his latest Instagram post, Purab has revealed that he, along with his entire family, hired him, but they are now safe. He urged citizens not to panic and fight with stronger immunity. This is what he wrote: Hi guys, we just had the flu and due to our symptoms our GP says we were sick COVID-19 19. Quite similar to the common flu with a stronger cough and a feeling of dyspnea.

Inaya got it first and very smooth. Cough and cold for two days. So Lucy I have it more in my chest, quite similar to the cough symptom that everyone has been talking about. Then I had a bad cold for a day that was horrible, then it disappeared and this irritating cough settled for 3 days. Three of us had only mild temperatures of 100-101 and fatigue. Osian got it in the end with fever 104 for 3 nights. Also a runny nose and a slight cough. His fever disappeared only on his fifth day.

He also added: We were in constant contact with the GP by phone. Apparently everyone in London is getting it and it's rampant here, and some people we know have received it. I just wanted to share it with you if it helps reduce panic a little bit to meet someone who has had it and is fine. On Wednesday of last week we were no longer self-imposed quarantine and they are no longer contagious.

The post went on to indicate some remedies that helped them relax. We were doing 4-5 steams and gargles of saltwater a day, haldi ginger honey blends to soothe the throat really helped. Also the warm water bottles in the chest really helped relax the chest. Hot baths helped to feel the flu. And of course, much and much rest even now, after two weeks, we can feel our bodies still recovering, actor Hip Hip Hurray said.

Lastly, I wrote, Please stay safe. I hope none of you get it but if you do, know that your body is strong enough to fight it. Seek proper advice from your doctors as intensity of each case is different as was in my household alone. And please stay home and rest the body as much as possible. Lots of love. #CoronaVirus # COVID-19 19 #Recovery #DontPanic #Breathe #Calm (sic)

Speaking of India, the number of infected patients in India has reached 4,421.