I am very particular about the nutrition of my pets: Kiran Raj

Multilingual actor Kiran raj One of the most popular faces on Kannada television. In addition to being a successful actor, Kiran is also an ardent animal lover. But not many know that the actor has some pets that he considers babies.

While speaking exclusively with us, Kiran said: I have rabbit, Emu bird, love birds, parrots, Turkey, three huskies, and a German Shepherd in my house. I love spending my free time with pets and enjoying it to the fullest.

Juggling between outbreaks and raising pets seems like a chore. But the actor says he never misses an opportunity to spend time with them when he's at home.

The first thing I do before I leave for my outbreaks and return is to take my dogs for a walk. I take them to the parks for a day, especially on Sundays. Other than that, I am very interested in giving them nutrients. food. Okay, even if I have a cheat meal, but I'm very particular about eating my pet, Kiran shares.

He added: In fact, I have hired someone especially to take care of my pets. Your job is just to give them food every once in a while and take care of them when I'm out for breakouts.

When asked about his love of animals, the actor mentioned: Ever since I am a farmer, I have loved spending time with my cows since childhood. I feel like this is how it all started. I am fond of animals since childhood and love them as a pet.

Kiran also talks about his bond between his pet and shares how they respond to him.

I have a habit of talking to my pets for a long time. I make everyone sit in front of me and share my thoughts and emotions with them. Whether they understand what I'm saying or not, they just look at me and give them pretty looks. This gives me a sigh of relief. Although they cannot respond to my words, I feel like there is someone with whom I can share my deepest thoughts, the actor said.

He concludes with an interesting comment: On the other hand, there are many cases where my dogs find out about mood swings. So, at that moment, they come up to me and try to calm me down. Having pets makes me feel like they take care of me.