Watch: Miraya, the adorable 6-year-old girl from Pratik Gandhi, urges people to donate funds

The blockade due to Coronavirus has affected daily salaried workers in all industries the most and people have been doing everything possible to help with relief work for those in need. While actors have been setting examples by donating money and essentials to the cause, some have been raising awareness of the precautions to take during the pandemic. Gujarati actor Pratik gandhi , who has been motivating people to keep fit with her daily family exercise videos, shared the cutest clip to date and features her 6-year-old daughter Miraya.

In the video, Miraya Pratik gandhi He expresses how bad he felt when he saw a video about people who did not receive food for days and slept on the trail and urged everyone to donate money. After forgetting to mention washing hands and not going out, the video cuts to the part where he reminds everyone of the same thing. While he didn't say anything new, the way he says all this, just like an adult is super cute and adorable and everyone should see it.

Previously, this cute cake was seen helping mommy bhamini in making delicious cupcakes.

On the labor front, Pratik was last seen in Durgesh Tanna's 'Luv Ni Love Story's' in the lead role opposite Gujarati actresses. Shraddha Dangar Janki Bodiwala and Deeksha Joshi .