Will the trailer for 'Master' be released in the Tamil New Year? THIS actor hints at the update

After the box office hit of 'Bigil', Vijay has teamed up with the director Lokesh Kanagaraj for 'Master'. Since the announcement, expectations for the film have risen, and the Vijay posters have really freaked out fans. If the coronavirus outbreak had not affected India, 'Master' would have been released in two days from today. Now, all fans can do is wait for an update from the creators of the 'Master' release. Meanwhile, actor Mahendran Who is part of Vijay’s ‘Master’, has hinted at an update from the makers. After the theater owners putting up cryptic posts with just the name of the film, Mahendran’s tweets have got fans expecting an update soon.

Fans of Vijay have been excited to hear an update from the 'Master' team and requesting 'Master' stars to at least release a teaser or a trailer on social media. Actor Mahendran, who is reportedly doing a role in Vijay's 'Master' has also been requested by the fans to reveal something about the film. In response, the actor said that he too was waiting to hear an update from the team, and that may be there would be some news by April 14, before the Tamil New Year. These words of actor Mahendran got fans hopeful, and they have been expecting a trailer release from the 'Master' team.