After the tiger in the US zoo USA Tests positive for Covid-19, Zoo Hyd amplifies safety measures

Stock Photo of Nadia , a 4-year-old woman Malay tiger at the Bronx Zoo, which the zoo said on April 5, 2020 has tested positive for coronavirus disease

Malay tiger , Nadia of Bronx Zoo, New York, became the first wild animal known to test positive for coronavirus on Sunday. The authorities stated that they suspect the feline contacted it from its handler who was asymptomatic. The news has got animal lovers and zoo-keepers across the world very worried. And the Central Zoo Authority in India he wasted no time in issuing guidelines to ensure that animals in Indian zoos are safe.

Speaking to the Hyderabad Times, N Kshitija, curator of Hyderabad Nehru Zoo , informed, “We received guidelines from the Central Zoo Authority this morning regarding the protocol to be maintained while taking take of tigers, monkeys and chimpanzees.”

Explaining the precautions that have already been taken to protect animals against Covid-19, Kshitija adds: “We have been taking precautions since the first week of March. There are several preventive measures to keep the .nlos virus at bay. Hyderabad Zoo authorities have been spraying anti-viral liquid, sodium hypochlorite and bleaching powder on the zoo pathways and animal closure walls every alternative week, says the curator. Kshitija, however, reckons that the chances of Nadia in New York is expected to have passed to it from one of its handlers who was coronavirus positive but asymptomatic.

In India, most zoos do not handle animals directly, even keepers keep a safe distance from them, keeping

the risk of spreading coronavirus to a minimum, ”she says. The Hyderabad Zoo authorities are taking special care of the staff and keepers to ensure what happened in New York doesn't repeat here. We are conducting thermal screenings for all the

employees. And we've also stocked up on supplies of disinfectants and soaps and have instructed staff to always wash their hands and wear masks while they're at the zoo, adds the curator.