This Rajasthan pharmacist works over 12 hours to deliver medication to your door

JAIPUR: He works more than 12 hours a day to make sure that no one who needs medication is rejected.

Working with limited manpower, the pharmacy's owner, Ajay Agarwal, 50, tirelessly coordinates with suppliers to get supplies on time. “I have a group of regulars who need medication for hypertension, diabetes, kidney and heart from time to time. I cannot disappoint them. Lifestyle diseases can pose a great threat if medications are not taken regularly, Agarwal said.

Agarwal leaves his store located near the SMS Hospital from his home in Jawahar Nagar at 7 am. “It is the most difficult moment of my life. Initially, when the closure was closed, the supply of drugs was restricted. Also, I had 13 people working in my store. Now I only have six, since most of them have gone to their villages. Fortunately, I can still coordinate with my suppliers to meet my clients' needs, ”he said.

“My regulars include seniors who call me even at night for their regular medications. Since many of them cannot visit them, I voluntarily provide them with medicine at their doorstep, ”he said. Stay in the store until 2 in the afternoon before lunch and a nap. He returns at 5 in the afternoon and stays until 10 at night.

“I have never delivered home like my employees used to. Now when I visit a home to deliver medicine and see the satisfaction in the eyes of an older woman or a man, it feels good, he added.

Agarwal also distributed hundreds of masks to needy and migrant workers who stopped by his store in large numbers last week. “The least we can do at this time is extend a helping hand. Most of the merchants here offered meals along with baby food, pain relievers and bottles of water to those in need, ”he said. Agarwal also heads a group of medical store owners who also work to feed the destitut.

Since he has a medical store in front of SMS Hospital, he is afraid of Covid-19 infection. “My family members, including my wife, keep calling me to remind me to wash my hands frequently and make sure my mask is not wet. I have to be careful all the time. Also, after arriving home in the afternoon and evening, I always bathe before doing anything else, ”he said.