'Genda Phool' row: Badshah sends Rs 5 lakh to 'Boroloker biti lo' singer Ratan Kahar

Bengali folk artist Ratan Kahar Suddenly it's in the headlines like never before. It's the kind of pan-Indian spotlight that he didn't enjoy even when he was at the peak of his success: when he created the Bengali folk-pop hit 'Boroloker biti lo' all those decades ago in 1972 along with many other hits. Folk songs .

Now, according to industry sources, the rapper Badshah you've kept his promise. He has sent Rs 5 lakh rupees to the veteran folk artiste amid the lockdown. On Monday, Badshah’s team sent the money to Kahar’s bank account online and the artist from rural Bengal is pretty much happy to receive it. He has even thanked the rapper over the phone. He has even asked Badshah to come over his place in Siuri when the lockdown is over.

Badshah’s latest song ‘ Genda Phool Which presents the very beautiful and elegant Jacqueline Fernandez You have drawn a lot of controversy. The use of the Bengali catch line ‘Boroloker Biti Lo’ without giving any credit to Ratan Kahar, the creator of the original Bengali folk song, didn’t go well with the music lovers.

It was originally written by a Bengali folk artist Ratan Kahar and was released in a album by Swapna Chakraborty way back in 1976. The most disturbing fact is as soon as the latest ‘Genda Phool’ version was uploaded on YouTube the lyrics were attributed to Badshah. However, after facing a heavy criticism YouTube finally changed it mentioning the song is based on a Bengali folk song.