Fines paid by soccer players and clubs in Brazil to enter the coronavirus fund

A large part of the fines collected in Brazil football clubs and players will be paid into a fund to assist in the fight against the new coronavirus , Brazil The sports court said Monday.

The court said that with leagues closed across the country, they will give players the opportunity to trade suspensions for fines.

About 90% of the fines paid by players for infractions such as violent games or fights will be donated to hospitals or clinics that treat COVID-19 patients

Each club can choose local institutions to help or donate to a suggested list, a court spokesman said.

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Additionally, 100% of the fines owed by the clubs for late kicks will also go to the fund.

The court has 77 cases pending trial.

Authorities collected around 2 million reais ($ 380,343) in fines last year, the spokesperson said.