Queen Elizabeth II delivers a resolution message to a special coronavirus address

LONDON: Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II He delivered a special for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth on Sunday in which he invoked a spirit of self-discipline and resolution in wartime amid the rising death toll and stringent blockade measures put in place to combat the pandemic.

The 93-year-old British monarch and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations, which includes India, recognized the pain, grief and financial difficulties facing the world during this time of disruption and expressed the hope that everyone will united in a common effort.

I hope that in the coming years everyone can be proud of how they responded to this challenge, he said, in a four-minute speech recorded earlier this week at Windsor Castle.

And those who come after us will say that the British of this generation were as strong as anyone. That the attributes of self-discipline, calm resolution and good humor still characterize this country, he said.

The queen, who has lived in Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip, 98, since last month, asked the British public to draw on her inherent traits as she exhorted them to continue to follow official government instructions to stay. at home to protect the vulnerable and stop the rapid spread of the deadly virus.

I am speaking to you in what I know is an increasingly challenging time. A moment of interruption in the life of our country: an interruption that has caused pain to some, financial difficulties for many and enormous changes in our daily lives. Everything, he said, while thanking key workers, including caregivers and those on the front lines of the Covid-19 fight at the National Health Service (NHS), and acknowledged the pain felt by many families who have lost loved ones in La pandemic.

The message was recorded in the White Drawing Room at his sprawling castle in the southeast, by a single BBC cameraman dressed in a full-body protective suit while other technicians stayed a considerable distance in a separate room to comply with the advice. doctor.

It was said that his deeply personal words were chosen to echo those of his father, during World War II, with the aim of uniting the country in a time of crisis. In addition to his annual Christmas message, it is rare for the British monarch to make a special address.

Previous times he addressed the nation in a similar way was at the time of the Gulf War in 1991, on the eve of Princess Diana's funeral in 1997, on the death of the Queen Mother in 2002, and on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Street said Sunday's message was intended as a means of raising the spirit of the nation amid stringent blockade rules designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson , who remains in self-isolation while recovering from mild symptoms of Covid-19, has been conducting his weekly hearings with the Queen over the phone.

The Prime Minister and Her Majesty the Queen have been speaking regularly and Number 10 and Palace have been speaking the entire time about Her Majesty the Queen's speech, a Downing Street official said.

The Queen is the best judge of when to speak to the country and we absolutely agree that now is the right time. We have asked the country to make great sacrifices and life is very difficult at this time for a large number of people. His Majesty right now is an important way to help elevate the spirit of the nation, the official said.

The queen's address came days after her son and heir, Prince carlos , who emerged from self-isolation a week ago after testing positive for Covid-19, offered his own tributes to the NHS when he opened a new makeshift hospital in London via video conference from his home in Birkhall in Scotland. >